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Heya everyone. I'm back with another post about my featured reader. Like as you know I have amazing readers who support me no matter what. So it's become quite difficult for me to choose one but the deed is to be done. Let's get started.

The Featured Reader for June 2020 is none other than my beloved Fizhan Kausar (Instagram) (Wattpad). Okay. So she's amazing. I know I have said this thousand times but it's not enough.

She's always there to support whether it's on Wattpad, my writing journey, or even on Instagram.

She's there on Wattpad to comment on my chapters that I absolutely adore.

And how can I forget this :P

We are always chatting on Instagram and she always shares fun memes, making my day every time :D

I remember the time when she sent me such a great collection of Beyond Our Melancholy pics. And when I say collection, you're still underestimating it.

Yes. We talk about weaknesses too proudly :P

So in last, I would just say that you're my baby, Fizhan Kausar. Thanks for your unending support, the laugh we shared, and everything fun we do over Instagram. I'm blessed to have a reader like you.

That's all for today everyone. Until next time, Keep Writing :D

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