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I took a Social Media Detox: Part 1

Peace be upon you, everyone. I'm sure you have heard it a lot from the start of the year and like me, you're frustrated with that old creepy line; New Year New Me. But this time I decided to apply this code in my life and went for 14 days of social media detox. It's already been 6days and I can see some change in my life. That's why I decided to share these 6 days of my life with you when I had no social media.

Day 1- Day 3

These days went in a weird haze because I had no idea what should I do in them. I had so much time because I was not wasting my time on Instagram or Facebook. I decided to make my own bullet journal for 2021 so that was the activity that kept me busy.

Day 4- Day 6

I finished setting up my journal. I drew in it, I made plans for the whole January month. Also, I started reading a book called, Rooftops of Tehran. I made some reading and writing goals too.

That's how my days went. But for the rest of 8 days, I want to make many improvements. I want to have proper eating and sleeping habits. More productive time in 24 hrs. Let's see how it goes. So until next time, Keep Writing :D

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